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Vänersborgs maritima historia på engelska

About Vänersborg in English

Vänersborg is the regional capital, situated at the southernmost tip of Lake Vänern. With its around 40 000 inhabitants, it is small enough to retain its small town charm, but big enough to have plenty to offer. The strategic location at Lake Vänern's southernmost tip was decisive for the towns placement and foundation in 1644.

Photo of boats in the bay at Vänersborg.

Our vision

"The municipality of Vänersborg - attractive and durable in all its aspects, throughout life."

Lake Vänern and its water

Freighters, charter boats and leisure vessels make the waterway between Lake Vänern and the North Sea at Gothenburg a very busy one. The marina has been awarded the title of Sweden's best. With its 35 different species of fish, Lake Vänern constitutes a true Eldorado for anglers. The fact that angling is free of charge, is an added bonus.

Bird life around Lake Vänern is also of top class. Approximately one million birds pass through Vänersborg during the migration period. The Sea Eagle and the Peregrine provide a not uncommon view. Vänersborg people are spoilt in the sense that they can go for a swim right in the middle of the town. Moreover, there are four long, plain beaches and a water park that is a true tourist magnet.

The Hunneberg eco park

The Royal Elk Hunts have been a tradition since Gustav Vasa's time on the table mountains of Hunne- and Halleberg. Each year, many photographers visit the mountains in order to experience their own type of elk safari. At the Royal Hunts Museum, you will find out most there is to know about the King of the Woods. The mountains are classified as an eco park, with miles and miles of beautiful hiking routes, ski trails and lakes. The calcareous precipices provide excellent conditions for some of the rarest flora to thrive.

Cycling trails

Many cycling trails lead to wonderful places and nature experiences throughout the entire municipality and the country. Both the Sverigeleden, Västgötaleden, as well as the Dalslandsleden pass through Vänersborg.


The municipality of Vänersborg has varying landscapes, containing farm- and woodlands. The Dalboslätten, situated in the northern part of the municipality, is one of Sweden's most important agricultural areas.

Four urban agglomerations

The largest town of Vänersborg, as well as Brålanda, Frändefors and Vargön.


Vänersborg's objective is to become Sweden's best music community. You can see AND indeed hear that. From the internationally renowned chamber music festival, the Aurora Chamber Music festival to the Polstjärnepriset (North Star Award) for promising youths, and major efforts in the field of music in everyday life and the schools.

Trade and Industry

In Vänersborg, public administration not only stands for municipal administration, but also for that of the region and the county. The labour market is varied and provides employment within industry, agriculture, with small businesses, public administration and education. The largest employer is the municipality with 3 300 employees. 


It is easy to travel from and to Vänersborg. National highway 42, 44 and the European motorway 45 pass through here. Also, two railway lines traverse the municipality, the Norway-Vänern link, and the Uddevalla-Herrljunga-Stockholm connection. The X2000 goes directly to Stockholm. The double track to Gothenburg makes commuting easy. Vänersborg's harbour is one of the Lake Vänern ports for general cargo. The Trollhättan-Vänersborg airport offers connections with Bromma.


When we build new houses and apartments, we want them to be close to green areas, the lake, and the town centre. There's a large demand for housing.

Leisure activities

The sports centre was built in 1964, and continuously developed. With 600,000 visitors on an annual basis, it's considered to be Sweden's largest recreation centre. The Arena Vänersborg is the jewel in the crown of this area, and has given way to entirely new possibilities for fairs, galas, and public events. The indoor bandy season already starts in August.